Just a few pics from SCMaglev and Railway Park museum in Nagoya.

The experimental shinkansen 300X

The experimental shinkansen 300X

The original 0-series Shinkansen.

The original 0-series Shinkansen.

The 2nd generation series 100 shinkansen.

The 2nd generation series 100 shinkansen.

The maintenance of way vehicle called Dr. Yellow. Based on 0 series.

The maintenance of way vehicle called Dr. Yellow. Based on 0 series.

300 Series Shinkansen. Withdrawn in 2012.

300 Series Shinkansen. Withdrawn in 2012.

Also they had some older rolling stock and shinkansen related maintenance stuff.

Nice modern museum for railfans.

InterRail 2009 part 5


Ah, the romantic city of Venice. Fantastic place.

I spent three days in Venice. On the last day my feet began to ache as I had walked too much!

St Mark’s Clocktower in the evening. As you can see from the photo the area around St Mark’s Square was always filled with people.

Water buses near the Rialto bridge. The Water Bus (Vaporetto) system is a rather good & efficient in Venice.

Taken aboard traghetto. A short ride across Canal Grande by used gondola only for 0.50€.

A scene from the not so busy Venice. If you keep walking futher away from St Mark’s Square you will find peaceful streets.

InterRail 2009 Part 4


Another huge station. The previous night train arrived early so I had few hours to get some grub and check the station and surroundings. The next train would be EC87 “Tiepolo” München – Venezia S.L.

For my suprise our night train had DB Class 103 Electric Locomotive on duty. I already thougth all these were retired.

DB Class 103

Few photos of the area inside Munchen railway station.



RegionalBahn train bound for Augsburg Hbf with DB Class 111 on head.

Regional Bahn

Also spotted Austrian RailJet.


InterRail 2009 Part 3


Copenhagen at last. X2000 train from Stockholm was only 25mins late. 2nd day of travelling was coming to end. I had few hours before taking the first night train, CityNightLine 483 to Munich.

Copenhagen Central Station.

Commuter train bound for Kalundborg has left the station.

S-Train on the front and IC3 on the background.

InterRail 2009 Part 2


After spending restless night aboard m/s Isabella Stockholm felt calm.
I had already reserved seats to X2000 train departing later in the afternoon. So, time to find something to do.
Stockholm C subway station.

After obtaining & checking the timetable I decided to visit Uppsala.
IC40 at Uppsala C.

After checking the station are I decided to return by next train.
Some kind of commuter train waiting for departure at Stockholm C station.

X2000 train at Stockholm C.

InterRail 2009 Part 1

Last August I made a small InterRail trip to Central / Southern Europe. Lotsa happened and I took 908 pictures.

First day, first train. H train to Helsinki, Sm1 + Sm2 6×52. I couldn’t wait at home so I left earlier than I planned.

Hour of waiting in Helsinki then P143 to Turku Harbour.
P143 (Sr2 + 6 cars) in Turku Harbour.

Next thing was overnight boat trip to Stockholm aboard m/s Isabella.
My cabin in m/s Isabella, really small.